Quick sketch between works 


    29  August

    Games of Glory


    A few months back, I've been art directing a promotionnal video for an upcoming MOBA called Games of Glory. ( http://lightbulbcrew.fr/gamesofglory/ ).
    I worked on the characters design and colors based on characters from the game.
    The backgrounds designs were made by Yann le Gall (http://yannlegall.tumblr.com/) and Hughes Opter ( http://huguesopter.tumblr.com/) , background colors by Santiago Montiel ( http://mondocanard.blogspot.fr/)
    Compositing by Julien Pingault

    Not my usual style but it was a fun project to work on especially with such talented people and for the new company of my good friend Balak.


    The Crossing


    An illustration for my comic book  Les Chevaliers de la Chouette ( ed Glénat ) .

    It seems to work very well with children. There is a song in the book, the song of the brotherhood of the owl , and the son of a friend of mine kept asking what was the melody of the song :) … maybe I’ll have to compose it one day !

    I get a lot of inquiries about the book being translated but it’s not up to me unfortunately. You’d have to ask Glenat ( my publisher ) but usually, a comics has to sell really well in France to even consider publishing it abroad .

    In the mean time, you can buy it via amazon ( or your favorite comics dealer ) and try to read it in french.


    Lost Dogs


    playing with pixel art !



    Les Chevaliers de la Chouette

    I’m releasing my brand new comic book on april 9th called  Les Chevaliers de la Chouette ( The OwlKnights).It’s 86 pages long, packed with knights, action, adventure, love and robots !!!

    There’s no plan of releasing it in english at the moment but stay tuned just in case.


    Le 09 avril sort le premier tome de ma nouvelle BD Les Chevaliers de la Chouette . Plein d’action, d’aventure, de chevaliers et de robots !!!

    Voici le résumé :

    Dans le monde des Chevaliers, Manille , un jeune garçon toujours accompagné de son fidèle robot Tilt est élevé par les sœurs du couvent. Son plus grand rêve, devenir CHEVALIER. Alors que le cruel Baron du château de Dampierre s’apprête à convoler, Manille croise la route des Chevaliers de la Chouette, confrérie frappée d’une étrange malédiction. Ils décident alors de s’associer pour déjouer les plans du Baron.

    Et je serai en dédicace le 13 avril au festival BD de Civrieux d’Azergues ( nord de Lyon).