September 21, 2018

Blaze’s Idle Animation

Blaze is ready to unleash Rage in the streets. Another animation sneak peak from #SOR4.

3 comments on “Blaze’s Idle Animation”

  1. Fei Wong Reply


    I’m a big fan of the street of rage series. Thank you for making it fly again.

    The art looks quite cool. However, it completely lost the feeling of the original franchise.

    It will be a magical moment if the art can carry certain elements from the previous version, even though it changes to the modern cartoon style (i.e. Blaze should look thinner).

    Something evolution from Street of Rage 3 would be fantastic.

    Keep up the great work. Will buy the game right away as soon as it releases.

  2. Matt Carr Reply

    I friggin love the animations in this game and started hunting down who did it and how. Here I am haha. That behind the scenes thing said you worked in Photoshop. What size were you drawing the characters at whilst animating? Is this 100% or a downsize for the game? I have a few more questions but thats the main ones haha

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