PostApocalyptic Character

I have shit lot of work to do (especially a cool video game project that I hope to share soon)…. but once in a while I try to motivate myself to participate to drawings initiatives.
Here’s a postapocalyptic character for this month CDChallenge :



Rock Howard

Hey ! Hello there …

Today, I wanted to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Neo Geo . It’s a console I never had but like a lot of teenagers my age, I would have killed to get one. At least there was an arcade in town, and I was skipping my music lessons to spend time on Samurai Shodown or King of fighters .

So here’s Rock Howard from the beautiful “Garou: mark of the wolves”


DĂ©dicaces 20 Mars

Je serai ce vendredi 20 mars 2015 au salon du livre de Paris en dédicace de 13h30 à 15h30 sur le stand Glénat.

Characters concepts for Cornerstone

Last year, I’ve been working for the good fellows making” Cornerstone, the song of Tyrim”, a cute video game taking place in a Viking land.

You can find more details on their blog :

I just did few concepts for different characters, the hero Tyrim, few ennemies and Viking folks but it was quite refreshing. I wish them all the best to finish their game.

tyrim01 ennemies01 family01 samurai01 skeletons01