Sculpting time…

My friend Barth reminded me how cool can it be to work with real materials and furthermore ,sculpting.
So I bought some super sculpey and spent few week ends on and off …been a long time I didn’t do that ,since Pyrats I think .It’s my first sculpey sculpt ,I’m not really totally satisfied and I think it’s a bit rough but that was nice to spend time on this.

DWIII – 10

I am close to the end now…. I still need to figure how to get that guy in the final pose and I need to do few more tweakings….
As you can see ,I applied a normal map which is kind of crappy but still way better than a simple bump. The fact is I didn’t have time to understand Zbrush or Mudbox ,so I ended up with a really great software called crazybump which is converting a flat color texture to a normal map and many more textures.