Characters concepts for Cornerstone

Last year, I’ve been working for the good fellows making” Cornerstone, the song of Tyrim”, a cute video game taking place in a Viking land.

You can find more details on their blog :

I just did few concepts for different characters, the hero Tyrim, few ennemies and Viking folks but it was quite refreshing. I wish them all the best to finish their game.

tyrim01 ennemies01 family01 samurai01 skeletons01

Games of Glory

Games of Glory


A few months back, I’ve been art directing a promotionnal video for an upcoming MOBA called Games of Glory. ( ).
I worked on the characters design and colors based on characters from the game.
The backgrounds designs were made by Yann le Gall ( and Hughes Opter ( , background colors by Santiago Montiel (
Compositing by Julien Pingault

Not my usual style but it was a fun project to work on especially with such talented people and for the new company of my good friend Balak.




Un travail de commande pour une opération de découverte des commerçants de la Corrèze à travers des petites BD et des autocollants à récupérer par les enfants.

Two little girls



Last year ,I’ve been working on a great short film called “Two little girls” directed by my good friend Peter Baynton . I’ve done all the characters and backgrounds designs, followed by the layouts .

I quote the official description for the movie:

Two Little Girls aims to warn young women in eastern Europe of the dangers of being sex trafficked. The film reflects the two most common ways eastern European women and girls are tricked and lured from their homes by people they know and trust. The film was made in consultation with five Albanian women who were trafficked into the UK.

It was conceived, written and produced by Ruth Beni of Animage Ltd. Tandem Films produced it with Animage, and Peter directed it. Ben Fiquet designed the backgrounds and characters. It was narrated by Juliet Stevenson.

The film will initially be distributed in Albania. As well as being shown on TV and in cinemas, it will be freely distributed directly to schools, community groups, woman’s organisations and churches. After Albania, Two Little Girls will be rolled out across other countries in Eastern Europe in an extensive campaign to combat sex trafficking.

It is estimated that sex trafficking is worth $12 billion a year to the criminals who trade in women’s misery.

Still a bit of bubble

some of the character designs I did for Soul bubble…. I did lots of them ,like a lot…. even 3d ones fully rigged and textured. That was not the easy part.