Two little girls



Last year ,I’ve been working on a great short film called “Two little girls” directed by my good friend Peter Baynton . I’ve done all the characters and backgrounds designs, followed by the layouts .

I quote the official description for the movie:

Two Little Girls aims to warn young women in eastern Europe of the dangers of being sex trafficked. The film reflects the two most common ways eastern European women and girls are tricked and lured from their homes by people they know and trust. The film was made in consultation with five Albanian women who were trafficked into the UK.

It was conceived, written and produced by Ruth Beni of Animage Ltd. Tandem Films produced it with Animage, and Peter directed it. Ben Fiquet designed the backgrounds and characters. It was narrated by Juliet Stevenson.

The film will initially be distributed in Albania. As well as being shown on TV and in cinemas, it will be freely distributed directly to schools, community groups, woman’s organisations and churches. After Albania, Two Little Girls will be rolled out across other countries in Eastern Europe in an extensive campaign to combat sex trafficking.

It is estimated that sex trafficking is worth $12 billion a year to the criminals who trade in women’s misery.

Still a bit of bubble

some of the character designs I did for Soul bubble…. I did lots of them ,like a lot…. even 3d ones fully rigged and textured. That was not the easy part.

“Soul bubbles” released

As far as I know ,”Soul bubbles” the Nintendo DS game I’ve been working as art director should be in every game shop in europe.
Here are most of my work on the game …. you can see that when I made this screenshots ,the game was still temporary called ” Shabon Damashii” ,which should be the name of the game in Japan… “Shabon dama” means “soap bubble” and “damashii” means “spirits”, I’m not pretty sure but that’s what I’ve been told.

Early concept arts

Hero and 3D


Backgrounds and map

Ingame screenshots


here is some works I did in Tandem Films ,the first ones were backgrounds for a music video airing on MTV….. unfortunately, the director of the clip removed all my backgrounds when I was away for putting his own. Pffff !!!

The others are some visual concepts made for a german commercial ,I did it in december .

And another thing ,I’ve met a very talented artist in San Francisco ,a musician for changing ,guitarist and songwriter:

Soul Bubbles finally announced for Nintendo DS

The game I’ve been working on as an art director last year has just pop out on internet. It’s called “Soul bubbles” and you basically have to save little spirits by protecting them with your bubbles .The game was made in 3 years and half ,based on an idea of Omar cornut ,a very talented programmer ,creator of MEKA ,a master system emulator. his page :
By the way ,all the team did a really great job on this game .

merry Christmas

hello everyone

I’ve been quite busy since september, I joined Tandem films and I didn’t stop working since then (in fact ,we just finished the year in tandem with a great christmas party on a boat where we spend about 10 hours drinking…. ) . It’s very cool to work on different projects one week after another . Most of my work is for commercials ,but I’ve sold my soul long time ago ,I don’t care that much 🙂
And I’m also working for short films and I did some character designs for a feature film project…so that’s fine

so one of my first job was doing visuals for a CG commercials with Santa claus in it …if you’re in UK you can see it on tv ,it’s a commercial for Halfords stores

the second commercial I worked for was calpol where I did animation for the mother carying the child at the end of the scene and the little teddy bear flying on a bed. This commercial was directed by Jeroen Jaspaert…. check his blog
This commercial is airing in UK and I think maybe in United states as well.

so that’s pretty much it ,I’ll show more stuff when I will be authorized to do it…. and I still need to scan few drawings I did this last past months.

Alors joyeuses fetes ,joyeux noel ,bonne année tout ca quoi!!! ….