March 24, 2016

Les Chevaliers de la Chouette T2


Just that you know, my latest comic book, Les Chevaliers de la Chouette Tome 2 is now available in France.

At some point, I think I’ll write a post-mortem about my work in the comic book industry and the hard relationship it can be.

Recherches_Tome2_02 Recherches_Tome2_01

One comment on “Les Chevaliers de la Chouette T2”

  1. Seve Reply

    Im a big fan of your art warks they always inspired me to keep on drawingI keep on trying over and over again so i can make body poses and characters like you.Thank you very much for everything you have done for me!!!!!keep on drawing thank you…ps can you make a video on how to draw characters and people thank you again for everything!☺️and can you make a cat character plz thank you.if your wondering to put my name down on the drawing if you make it my nam is (Seve Diago) thank you Ben Fiquet!THANK YOU!!!

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