hello everyone

I’ve been quite busy since september, I joined Tandem films and I didn’t stop working since then (in fact ,we just finished the year in tandem with a great christmas party on a boat where we spend about 10 hours drinking…. ) . It’s very cool to work on different projects one week after another . Most of my work is for commercials ,but I’ve sold my soul long time ago ,I don’t care that much 🙂
And I’m also working for short films and I did some character designs for a feature film project…so that’s fine

so one of my first job was doing visuals for a CG commercials with Santa claus in it …if you’re in UK you can see it on tv ,it’s a commercial for Halfords stores

the second commercial I worked for was calpol where I did animation for the mother carying the child at the end of the scene and the little teddy bear flying on a bed. This commercial was directed by Jeroen Jaspaert…. check his blog
This commercial is airing in UK and I think maybe in United states as well.

so that’s pretty much it ,I’ll show more stuff when I will be authorized to do it…. and I still need to scan few drawings I did this last past months.

Alors joyeuses fetes ,joyeux noel ,bonne annĂ©e tout ca quoi!!! ….