Ben Fiquet

Art/Creative director at Lizardcube Game Studio

Samurai Shodown/Haohmaru

I’ve always been a huge fan of this game, and Haohmaru is a great character. I remember skipping music lessons to go to the arcade and spend all my allowance. Even when 3d games came around, I always prefered 2d games

Video game concept characters

2016 – Video game concept characters

I was in talk with a major company and drafted this on my free time but due to scheduling, we were unable to work together. I still like them tho

Kid Chameleon

Here are some concepts I did for Kid Chameleon, just for fun.
It’s not a real project, but I really liked that character and the particular mood in that game.
I’m on another project at the moment, I can’t wait to show stuffs about it 🙂