May 1, 2007

tribute to Gabriele Pennacchioli

I’m a big fan of Gabriele Pennacchioli’s work, and I truly love his young minotaur that he keep drawing sometimes . When I look on his drawings ,I think that it has to move… it has to be animated .So I told myself instead of drawing a fanart that would be no match with his work ,I prefer doing a little animated gif.
Keep drawing Gabriele 🙂

and here is his blog

7 comments on “tribute to Gabriele Pennacchioli”

  1. insert name here Reply

    Hey Ben,

    I love that. I had felt that same desire before…!


  2. Gabriele Pennacchioli Reply

    Thanks Ben.
    I’m honored.


  3. Ben Fiquet Reply

    prego 🙂

  4. king louis Reply

    étant fan et de gabriele pennacchioli et de benjamin fiquet…c’est que du bonheur!
    bonne continuation!

  5. Rusty Reply

    Hi Ben, I’m a fan of your work and animation. I agree with you on that the little Minotaur needed to be animated and I can’t wait to see the end result. Keep on animating.
    — Rusty —

  6. Ben Fiquet Reply

    thanks guys

    rusty> I don’t think I’ll go further in animating this character..I don’t really have the time and that was just a tribute to Gabriele .
    But I’m considering about animate other things more personnal.

  7. barth Reply

    super tes derniers boulots !
    ancor’ !

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