March 29, 2020

Golden Axe / Tyris Flare

Another Fanart

I’ve always been a big fan of Golden Axe, the world, the characters, the magic powers. It was so cool

6 comments on “Golden Axe / Tyris Flare”

  1. Sullio Reply

    Nice, go for a remake of Golden Axe as you successfully did for SoR ! 🙂

    • Anders Reply

      Yeah. Golden Axe is an all time greatest! Love your Tyris rendition.

  2. Rich Hoff Reply

    Mr Fiquet,just wanted to say thank you for your awesome rendition into the Streets Of Rage Series.. With that being said your company should seriously consider a new Golden Axe with all the characters from all the previous Golden Axe games & another Shinobi game would be awesome too ! You guys do great work .. Thank you

  3. rick Reply

    Por favor! meu sonho seria realizado.

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