“Pyrats” is an animated short film made by 5 french students from the animation school “Gobelins l’école de l’image” in Paris ,FRANCE.

It was made as an opening short done for the Annecy 2006 international animation festival. The movie was completed in 7 months (including screenplay, storyboard and designs). The technique is basically 2D traditionnal animation with some scenes helped by 3D and flash.

Type : student short movie
Lenght : 1min35s
Production : Gobelins, Paris FRANCE (
Year of production: 2006
Directors : Yves Bigerel , Bruno Dequier, Ben Fiquet, Nicolas Gueroux, Julien Le Rolland
Music : Yves Bigerel performed by Bruno Dequier
Sound design : Gerard Labady
Format : DV PAL
Techniques : traditionnal 2D and 3D
Softwares : Alias MAYA 6.5, Photoshop CS, After effects 6.5, Crater Software CTP, Flash, Logic Audio